CHANNELS FOR GOOD | Artist Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Andrew Ondrejcak

    1 season

    Andrew Ondrejcak is a unique artist working in the intersection of film, art and performance.
    You will find curated pieces directed by Andrew along with a drawing tutorial you can do at home.
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    ARTIST S...

  • Spotlight: Drea Sobke

    1 season

    Meet movement artist Drea Sobke and join her as she walks us through an exercise in exploratory movement.

    Drea Sobke is a Mexican-American movement artist from San Diego, California whose work closely explores the relationship between the human body and pop, fine art, landscapes, architecture a...

  • Spotlight: Nick Rosen

    1 season

    Nick Rosen is a jazz musician and music producer/engineer.
    You will find curated pieces featuring Nick's work along with a tutorial on bass and cello.
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    A self-described L.A. gutter punk in his you...

  • Spotlight: Rain Phoenix

    1 season

    Music chooses its vessels early on.
    At three-years-old, Rain Phoenix first uncovered her voice. Standing next to late big brother River, she belted along as he strummed “a guitar way too big for his five-year-old body.” Her story as an artist started there. “My first music memory wa...

  • Spotlight: Cole Sternberg

    1 season

    Visual Artist: Cole Sternberg
    Cole Sternberg was born in Richmond, Virginia. He lives and works in Los Angeles and practices in a range of formats including painting, installation, video, and writing. Series of his work have focused on a variety of social issues, from current human rights activis...

  • Spotlight: Denna Thomsen

    1 season

    Denna Thomsen is a maverick performer, choreographer and artist who has made a significant impact with how dance is used in the entertainment industry. From “Booksmart” with director Olivia Wilde to Gucci’s upcoming campaign with Floria Sigismondi, Denna’s choreography has paved the way in creati...

  • Spotlight: Cara Santana

    1 season

    Cara Santana has solidified a very unique niche for herself in Hollywood. Born in El Paso, Texas, she left at age fifteen for California and has since built an impressive career. She has established herself as an actress to watch with several projects in various stages of development...

  • Spotlight: Amy Paffrath

    1 season

    Amy Paffrath is an actress and TV host known for her work on 2 Broke Girls, Hot in Cleveland and The Thinning movies as well as hosting shows on networks like E!, MTV and VH1. She currently produces feel good segments for Spectrum 1 News SoCal, highlighting the do-gooders of LA. She is the second...

  • Spotlight: Alicia Witt

    1 season

    Alicia Witt is a classically trained musician with a three-decades long acting career.
    Follow along as she walks us through her process of songwriting and write your own song!

    Years before kicking off her career as an indie-pop songwriter, a seven year-old Alicia Witt took her first classical p...