Spotlight: Omniflux

Spotlight: Omniflux

2 Episodes

Omniflux is the audiovisual work of multi-disciplinary artist + producer, Mahsa Zargaran.
She integrates her sculpture, animation, painting, and collage practice into the live performance of her electronic music.

Zargaran writes, engineers, and produces her own work. World-building as a one-woman operation has its challenges, but Mahsa is passionate about showing women the wide array of their abilities in the world of the technical and ethereal. She aims to plant seeds in her audience that they can look to themselves to produce their vision, and don’t have to seek out other producers to get started. To further this effort, Zargaran started Project Female Model on Instagram to showcase women’s work. She believes that women have more power than ever to have a say in how the media portrays them. Traditional media can continue to focus on women’s beauty + youth, but for the first time everyone has their own media outlet and can showcase their genius in unlimited fields.

Zargaran resides in Portland, Oregon where she hosts film screenings and movement workshops at her studio, and uses her practice as a muralist for collaboration and community building.
Instagram: @omniflux

Spotlight: Omniflux
  • TUTORIAL: Sculpture

    Episode 1

    Join Mahsa Zargaran of OMNIFLUX as she walks us through a Sculpture workshop.


    for Shape:
    Masking Tape

    for Clay:
    Toilet Paper
    School Glue
    Dry Wall Joint Compound
    All Purpose Flour
    Corn Starch

  • Lawless Flawless (Live - North America Tour)

    Episode 2

    Lawless Flawless: Track 2 of the album Aquarelle
    Available on Spotify.

    Song written, engineered, produced, performed by Omniflux (Mahsa Zargaran)
    Video art & animation by Omniflux (Mahsa Zargaran)

    Summer of 2018 performance in St Louis.
    Live video taken by William Morrison.