Spotlight: Katarina Kuhl

Spotlight: Katarina Kuhl

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My name is Katarina Kuhl and I'm an artist & illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. I have been drawing since I can remember and never stopped, really. Usually I am drawing with pencils and then I color the drawings digitally, sometimes I use manually painted surfaces. But I also work with oil colors, watercolors, ink, pastels, etc. In 2014 I successfully completed my studies in Illustration Design at the Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg and I'm currently living and working in Hamburg.

2019 a dream came true when my work was published in "The Illustrator - 100 Best from around the World" by TASCHEN.

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Spotlight: Katarina Kuhl
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    Katarina focuses her artwork on the eyes, "the mirrors of the soul" to set the mood for her illustrations. She begins with graphite sketches and demonstrates how she draws her favorite focal point in this tutorial.