CHANNELS FOR GOOD | Artist Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Arts Elektra

    1 season

    Arts Elektra is a NYC-based Music and Arts collective founded by brothers Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes, Summer Moon) and Pierre Fraiture (Contemporary Artist). Their mission is to “Do Music. Do Art. Do Good.” on a global scale with site-specific performances benefitting selected charities.


  • Spotlight: Oleg Jones

    1 season


    Oleg Jones is an artist, writer, creative director and a clothing brand designer. If Betsy Ross had a child with Jasper Johns you would get Oleg Jones, aka The Betsy Ross of the 21st century. Oleg Jones redesigned the American Flag on the 4th of July. After realizing the US flag was u...

  • Spotlight: Lindsay Carron

    1 season


    My work is a dedication to social and environmental justice and resilience. It is solutionary in nature, focused on presenting the positive relationships between human and earth. Community engagement and collaboration are its foundation. Since earning a BFA from Pepperdine Unive...

  • Spotlight: Graham Fink

    1 season


    Graham Fink is a multimedia artist working in the fields of photography, film, painting, drawing and technology. His career over the years has been defined as never being entirely satisfied with the status quo. A constant challenger, questioner and conceptual thinker.

    He has long ex...

  • Spotlight: Blair Roche

    1 season


    Growing up surrounded by Art & Fashion, Blair’s creativity blossomed within the Culinary Arts from a young age. Even so, Blair never hesitated to explore his range of professional interests. Ice Hockey, graduated into Sports Marketing and Event Production, then CPG Entrepreneurship, ...

  • Spotlight: Lindsey Nobel

    1 season


    Lindsey Nobel was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in San Diego, CA. Currently based in Los Angeles, her art practice additionally draws upon her time in Rome, New York City, San Francisco, and Monterrey, CA. Building her drawing language on the invisible connections that unite hu...

  • Spotlight: Duff Goldman

    1 season


    Duff Goldman is a chef and artist known for his dazzling, creative approach to food and his awesome stories describing the simple science of baking. Duff starred on the hit Food Network show Ace of Cakes, set in his bakery, Charm City Cakes. He now has cake studios in Baltimore and ...

  • Spotlight: Blanda

    1 season


    Blanda is a Swiss, contemporary artist living and working between New York and Los Angeles. In 2007 Blanda moved to New York to enroll in the School of Visual Arts (SVA) where she received the Silas H. Rhodes scholarship. Her style, a mélange of collage, printmaking, drawing and painting,...

  • Spotlight: Cricket Azima

    1 season

    Cricket Azima is a dynamic professional chef who specializes in cooking for and with children. She is the Big Cheese of The Creative Kitchen -­‐ a company that teaches children and families through food and cooking, founded in 2001. In addition to classes and events, The Creative Ki...

  • Spotlight: Claudia Taylor

    1 season

    Claudia Taylor is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in found object sculpture, photographic prints and ceramics.

    Primarily self-taught in the ceramics medium, she attends workshops at the ANDERSON RANCH ARTS CENTER in Aspen. Claudia is represented by TRACY PARK GALLERY ...

  • Spotlight: Ryan McCann

    1 season


    Ryan McCann consistently explores social constructs, creating works that encourage people to rethink and alter their perception of the mundane and awareness of everyday belief systems and realities. McCann creates as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and pyrographer constantly chall...

  • Spotlight: Donna Isham

    1 season

    Donna Isham is a Los Angeles based figurative abstract and expressionist painter, working
    primarily in oil, acrylic, charcoals and pastels. Donna Isham’s paintings explore beauty in its
    many forms, sensuality and the ephemeral suggesting the spiritual and ecstatic. These concepts
    are ...

  • Spotlight: Ethan Paisley

    1 season

    At just 19 years old, multi-faceted artist, producer, entrepreneur, and social justice advocate Ethan Paisley is "a force to be reckoned with" (360 Magazine) whose work has already gained acclaim. Paisley’s films have garnered 31 awards including the Young Entertainer Awards’ inaugu...

  • Spotlight: Aaron Axelrod

    1 season

    Influenced heavily by childhood fairy tales, psychedelia, and the occult; inspired by Dr. Seuss, Walt Disney, donuts, and astrophysics. Axelrod is known for his unique use of the spectacle and aesthetic choices. A practitioner of vast disciplines including painting, installation, pe...

  • Spotlight: Steven Cogle

    1 season

    “My paintings display what is in me — tribal Africa crossed with urban blight. A lot of bad stuff went down in East New York when I was growing up. By layering the paint on the canvas, I am also layering the experience of what I saw, tragedy, loss, confusion, hope, prayer, fantasy, s...

  • Spotlight: Amy Nadine

    1 season

    Amy Nadine hasn’t had your typical makeup career. Even though she always lived for makeup, she first got her Bachelor’s degree in Business and worked in Entertainment Public Relations before taking the leap into makeup. Since then, she has worked with Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson, Krys...

  • Spotlight: Carole A. Feuerman

    1 season

    New York-based artist Carole A. Feuerman is one of the three founding members of the hyperrealist movement that began in the late 1970’s continuing into the present. Her illustrious career is highlighted by iconic figurative works of swimmers and dancers. She has taught, lect...

  • Spotlight: Priscilla Ahn

    1 season

    The quirky and soulful hallmarks that define Priscilla Ahn’s singer-songwriter music and her pristine, ethereal vocals are uniquely her own. Since her 2008 debut LP, A Good Day, for EMI's Blue Note Records, and its heart-resonant breakout hit, “Dream,” Ahn’s lyrical, original worlds...

  • Spotlight: Darian Zahedi

    1 season

    A native of Los Angeles, Darian Zahedi writes, records and tours with the rock band CRX along with Nick Valensi of The Strokes. The band has released two albums, New Skin (2016) and Peek (2019) and is currently working on its third. Additionally, he composes music for film, televi...

  • Spotlight: Alyshia Ochse

    1 season

    Alyshia Ochse As her impressively diverse list of credits attests, Kentucky-born Alyshia Ochse has always been lured by the unconventional, tackling every role with fearlessness and finesse. Ochse is best known as the gutsy truck-stop hooker, 'Lucy', a desperate drug dealer to 'Rust...

  • Spotlight: Sammi Rotibi

    1 season

    Sammi just wrapped on the indie film THE OBITUARY OF TUNDE JOHNSON and he currently stars in the Ron Howard / Brian Grazer series MARS. He recently premiered in the Fox trilogy THE DARKEST MINDS and the film ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE opposite Bruce Willis and John Goodman. Other cr...

  • Spotlight: Brett Tutor

    1 season

    Brett Tutor is the handsome, charismatic new carpenter starring in the much-anticipated new season of “Trading Spaces,” the beloved hit series returning to TLC on April 7, 2018.

    The chiseled Renaissance man who People Magazine calls ‘much more than just a pretty face’ has an incred...

  • Spotlight: Katarina Kuhl

    1 season

    My name is Katarina Kuhl and I'm an artist & illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. I have been drawing since I can remember and never stopped, really. Usually I am drawing with pencils and then I color the drawings digitally, sometimes I use manually painted surfaces. But I also work w...

  • Spotlight: Bianca Bartolo

    1 season

    I'm a Queens, NY native. When searching for a career path I was looking for something that married my love of fashion and creating something that was hands-on, that's when I found Visual Merchandising. I received my BBA in Visual Merchandising in 2014 from LIM College. Currently I ...