Spotlight: Blair Roche

Spotlight: Blair Roche

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Growing up surrounded by Art & Fashion, Blair’s creativity blossomed within the Culinary Arts from a young age. Even so, Blair never hesitated to explore his range of professional interests. Ice Hockey, graduated into Sports Marketing and Event Production, then CPG Entrepreneurship, moving into Beverage Marketing, followed by an immersion in the Art and Science of the Wine Industry.

Raised in a strict vegetarian household and working farm, in an area of Ohio guided by the polar opposite, a balanced diet and lifestyle remains important to Blair. Global cuisine, cultural trends, and relationships steer an exploration of ones eating habits. A diversion to the Culinary Institute of America and working in a variety of Michelin Star and James Beard Award kitchens expanded that exploration for Blair. Throughout his journey, his self-analysis always supported that plant-based meals consistently elevated his energy and focus levels over meals incorporating animal nutrition.

One of Blair’s primary culinary motivations is to continue the creative development and acceptance of vegetarian cuisine in an effort to encourage our younger generations away from a daily dependence on large portions of animal protein. A movement toward reducing, as an alternative choice to eliminating, can drastically impact the Healthcare, Environmental, Commercial Food Production, and Regulatory landscape. With his background and Nutritional Science support, Blair hopes that together with the influence of like-minded artistic and athletic peers, we can spearhead a wave of change in our population.

Honored to be a Chef at previous Art of Elysium events, he has guided additional Chefs and Brands in supporting the charity’s mission. A long-standing dedication to supporting disadvantaged American youth, Blair’s volunteering efforts include building homes for disadvantaged young families in Appalachia, cooking for urban soup kitchens, coaching inner city youth hockey, event fundraising for multiple youth summer camps and Children’s Hospitals.

If Blair isn’t creating in the kitchen, he is likely on a mountain, in the water, or exploring some remote vineyard.

Spotlight: Blair Roche
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