Spotlight: Ryan McCann

Spotlight: Ryan McCann

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Ryan McCann consistently explores social constructs, creating works that encourage people to rethink and alter their perception of the mundane and awareness of everyday belief systems and realities. McCann creates as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and pyrographer constantly challenging himself to make art that invites viewers to see the world differently.

Ryan McCann grew up, lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He studied art and history while at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2003, shortly after graduation and a stint with NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, McCann suffered a career ending injury. This led him back to pursue his passion, art. Since 2004, McCann has exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in several institutional collections.

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Spotlight: Ryan McCann
  • TUTORIAL: Color, Tone and Value

    Follow artist Ryan McCann as he mixes primary colors to match a leaf found in nature, adjusting the tone and value of the paint to create a three-dimensional effect.