Spotlight: Torie Zalben

Spotlight: Torie Zalben

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Zalben’s work is an exact nexus of varying technical practices and methodologies. She is interested in engaging the exigencies of our time concerning what it means to see the unseen and the multitude of layering in the diurnal.

In her photographic works, Zalben deploys the fundamental tools of photography and photo editing software to explore themes of perspective and iconography in our highly charged post-truth era. She is resolute in maintaining the raw state of the primacy of her images through photographic layering in post production.

Inspired by multidisciplinary artists and filmmakers Maya Deren, Jack Smith and Federico Fellini. Zalben draws upon their collective films Meshes of the Afternoon, Flaming Creatures, and Juliet of the Spirits. Zalben is constantly in search of visual echoes of these narratives and their use of portraying subjective perspectives and the elusive search for objectivity regarding varying conscious states of awareness.

Her most recent body of work — her series of lenticular holographic pieces serve as a springboard to explore the tension between the image and the viewer as merely amalgams of our cumulative experience. They are a study of shifting perspectives that relate to our image saturated world. When looking at one image that appears to be fixed, the photo gradually morphs into a different visual dimension to create a shared yet personal viewing experience.

Zalben’s work is part of the permanent collection of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Additionally, she exhibits in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and Istanbul. She recently launched TZ Projects to bring art and culture to the public during these unprecedented times.

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Spotlight: Torie Zalben