Spotlight: Claudia Taylor

Spotlight: Claudia Taylor

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Claudia Taylor is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in found object sculpture, photographic prints and ceramics.

Primarily self-taught in the ceramics medium, she attends workshops at the ANDERSON RANCH ARTS CENTER in Aspen. Claudia is represented by TRACY PARK GALLERY in Malibu. “HEARTS OF TREES LOST” debuted at Tracy Park Gallery for the Malibu Art Walk 2019. She then participated in the group show MALIBU RISING at Malibu City Hall. Most recently, “HEARTS OF TREES LOST” was a one woman site-specific installation at the ACE HOTEL in Palm Springs. Upcoming exhibits will be at MALIBU MARKET and DESIGN in September, and GUALALA ARTS CENTER in October, 2020, all Covid-19 permitting.

Taylor’s practiced mediums vary from drawing, giclee print production, found object sculpture using natural elements, and ceramics, both wheel thrown and hand-built. Her works often employs messaging, both subliminal and graphic, relaying poetic, positive and spiritual text and symbols. She practices ceramics as a deep form of meditation on the creative act, embracing failures as well as success on the journey of artistic expression.

Claudia and her family reside in Malibu, where the recent fires served as an inflection point for her focus on her artwork. She’s also an avid chef, flautist, garden & home designer, surfer and yogi. Now in her 60’s, Claudia is defining ageing gracefully, exuberantly, with joy, passion and purpose.

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Spotlight: Claudia Taylor
  • TUTORIAL: Ceramics

    In this first step of creating ceramics multidisciplinary artist Claudia Taylor demonstrates two ways of transforming clay into objects, creating a pinch pot with her hands and 'centering' a bowl with her pottery wheel as she describes her creative process.