Spotlight: Wayland

Spotlight: Wayland

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Wayland is a six time charting Rock band hailing from a town of the same name in Michigan. Starting off by touring the world with performance group, The Young Americans teaching children music, their understanding that music is medicine has been their dharma ever since. Wayland toured three hundred days per year for eight years shaking every hand of every individual Wayland Warrior they made along the way, instilling their midwestern work ethic and sense of gratitude in everything they did. Wayland’s mission is to administer the very medicine that is their music dose by dose, town by town, every night they can.

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Spotlight: Wayland
  • TUTORIAL: 20 Minute Voice Lesson

    Episode 1

    Learn to use simple warm up exercises and vocal strengthening techniques from Phil and Mitch of Wayland to improve your vocal power and extend the range of your voice.