Spotlight: Amy Paffrath

Spotlight: Amy Paffrath

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Amy Paffrath is an actress and TV host known for her work on 2 Broke Girls, Hot in Cleveland and The Thinning movies as well as hosting shows on networks like E!, MTV and VH1. She currently produces feel good segments for Spectrum 1 News SoCal, highlighting the do-gooders of LA. She is the second oldest of 7 children and a first time mom to her daughter Ember. Amy believes artistic expression is vital to a healthy life and that it goes hand in hand with self care and well-being. She embraces all forms of art from acting, to painting, to sewing and cooking and encourages others to as well. Her mantra is be generous with your smiles - they're free!

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Spotlight: Amy Paffrath
  • TUTORIAL: Easy Recipes with Oats

    A couple easy recipes using oats with Amy.

    Overnight Oats (for 2)
    *Mason Jars or Tupperware Container
    *Oats - 1/2 cup (Rolled Oats preffered)
    *Chia Seeds - 1 tablespoon
    *Cinnamon - to taste
    *Golden Raisins - 1 tablespoon (optional)
    *Agave - 1 tablespoon, to taste
    *Nut Milk - 1 Cup

  • Dinner at Eight

    "Dinner at Eight"
    Short Film
    Written and Directed by Momphelio Santalana

    Molly-Sue is the perfect wife and soon-to-be mother. Granted, she's a little peeved at the small annoyances in life... but she can always count on dinner at eight.

    Courtesy of Amy Paffrath

  • REPORT: Care Camps

    "The healing power of nature is undeniable. Everyone benefits from time spent in the great outdoors, especially those battling cancer. KOA Care Camps fund medically equipped camps nationwide, with about 14 at 3 locations in the SoCal area, ensuring that all kids, even those currently in treatment...

  • REPORT: Car Seat 911

    Every parent wants their child to be safe. Especially in the car. Unfortunately, more than 50% of car seats are installed improperly. Marc Cohen is a Certified Car Seat Technician who helps make sure the seats are used correctly every time. He doesn't want what happened to his family, to happen t...