Spotlight: Tamar Levine

Spotlight: Tamar Levine

11 Episodes

Tamar Levine is an LA-based filmmaker, photographer, and creative producer.
Watch curated pieces directed by Tamar along with a tutorial on lighting for photo & video.

After receiving a BFA with honors from Art Center College of Design, Tamar went on to create commercials, videos, and photo campaigns for a wide range of fashion, music, and commercial clients including Victoria's Secret PINK, Urban Decay, Lexus, Warner Bros Records, Flaunt Magazine, The American Red Cross, Save the Children, Nylon Magazine, Lincoln Motors, and many more. Her work has won numerous awards including ADC Young Guns, New Exposure by Vogue, Redx & Bottega Veneta, and Communication Arts, and has been shown at festivals, galleries, and museums throughout the world, including LACMA and Bergamot Station.

Spotlight: Tamar Levine
  • TUTORIAL: Lighting for Photo & Video

    Episode 1

    TUTORIAL: Lighting for Photo & Video
    Using Household Items

    with Tamar Levine

  • Revitalizé

    Episode 2

    Directed for WhoHaha Creator's Lab

    Director Tamar Levine
    Writer Stephanie Lysaght
    Producer Fictitious & WhoHaha
    Editor Ted Marsden
    Host Stephanie Lysaght
    Ryan Ryan Ridley
    On-set PA- Casey
    Tammy Tamar Levine
    Camera Daniel Mei-Tal & Ted Marsden
    Audio Steven Luevano
    Prop stylist Lauren Ivy

  • It's Okay

    Episode 3

    A young couple struggles to break free of the restricted world they've created together.

    Starring Jenna Fischer and Thomas Sadoski

    Directed by Tamar Levine
    Produced by Richard Levine, David McNayr, Tamar Levine

    Screenplay by Jacqueline Austin
    Dialogue by Neil LaBute
    Story by Tamar Lev...

  • Radioactive

    Episode 4

    Directed by Tamar Levine
    Starring Andrea Feyler
    Cinematography by Kai Saul
    Edited by Victoria Mortati & Tamar Levine
    Music by Thom Yorke

    Courtesy of Tamar Levine

  • Float

    Episode 5

    A test video for a swimwear commercial, used as the storyboard for the actual piece.


    cyberia media, production co
    Tamar Levine, director
    Richard Levine, producer
    Brian O'Connell, dop
    Samantha Zachrich, grip
    Joy Bishop, model
    Jane Phu,makeup and hair
    Tashina Hunter, stylist
    Archi Pruden...

  • Twenty-Two Date Palm Way

    Episode 6

    A short film about the last moments of a woman's life: beauty and aging and nostalgia, a swirl of personal memories and fragments of beauty routines as felt and seen in reflections... all leading to the moment of her death.

    Directed by Tamar Levine (
    Produced by Cyberia Media ...

  • Next to the Joshua Trees featuring Natalie Vie for Flaunt Magazine

    Episode 7

    Director Tamar Levine
    DP William Carnahan
    Stylist Soaree Cohen
    Stylist Assistant Caiti Hawkins
    MUA Veronica Chanel
    Original Music Zach Webb
    Photo Assist Paige Wilson
    Location CalEarth Institute

    Courtesy of Tamar Levine


    Episode 8

    For 'Shoot 'Em Up'
    Story by Rhea Seehorn
    Adapted by Lily Ladewig

    Courtesy of Tamar Levine

  • I Am a Fountain of Blood in the Shape of a Girl

    Episode 9

    A fashion film featuring model and actress Lola Albright by photographer and filmmaker Tamar Levine for Flaunt Magazine.

    Photographed/Directed by Tamar Levine
    Cinematographer: Polly Morgan
    Video editor: Richard Levine/cyberia media
    Model: Lola Albright
    Styled by Soaree Cohen
    Prop Styled b...

  • Miranda Cosgrove | Chapter: Joy

    Episode 10

    Miranda Cosgrove proves, sometimes all you need to feel the best is the best song, badass buds and eight wheels.

    Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN is... JOY.

    Starring actor/musical artist Miranda Cosgrove.
    Featuring Roller Derby skaters Fernanda Ezabella, Kristen Oralo, Zoe Grossfeld, Monika Anelle....

  • Matt Bomer & Tony Hawk | Chapter: Dream

    Episode 11

    Can dreams come true? Matt Bomer discovers they might when he dozes off and finds himself in a weird wonderland, surrounded by Tony Hawk's crew of skaters.

    Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN is... DREAM.

    Starring professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and actor Matt Bomer. Featuring John Maholm.