Spotlight: Lindsey Nobel

Spotlight: Lindsey Nobel

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Lindsey Nobel was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in San Diego, CA. Currently based in Los Angeles, her art practice additionally draws upon her time in Rome, New York City, San Francisco, and Monterrey, CA. Building her drawing language on the invisible connections that unite humans with the organic and inorganic phenomena that make up everyday life, her work manifests the immense grid of information and energy that now exists between human, machine, and our spiritual consciousness. In the early 1990’s, Nobel foresaw the rapid expansion of the infosphere, a term she coined early in her career to describe this ubiquitous grid of information and connectivity. Through sculpture and drawn, painted, and photographed mark-making, she expresses this otherwise invisible language of connection.

Her work explores the unseen and subliminal connections that bind human beings together through advanced technologies pervasive throughout modern society. Ironically, even though we are more connected than ever before, we have grown more alone and divided than ever before. Her collections seek to investigate this juxtaposition and invite the viewer closer to better understand this hidden language. She relies on our desires for connection, inspiration, spirituality and seduction to dig deeper into our shared consciousness.

Her painting practice is rooted in principles of both abstract expressionism and minimalism and employs oil, acrylic, ink, resin, pencil, charcoal, coffee, and pen on canvas, paper, and wood panels. Though abstract, her various series simultaneously engage the human nervous system, marine biology, the internet, the global economy, and the growth of artificial intelligence.

Nobel’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe and she has been recently selected for the Lucid Art Foundation’s Artist Residency program.

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Spotlight: Lindsey Nobel
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