Spotlight: Andrew Ondrejcak

Spotlight: Andrew Ondrejcak

10 Episodes

Andrew Ondrejcak is a unique artist working in the intersection of film, art and performance.
You will find curated pieces directed by Andrew along with a drawing tutorial you can do at home.
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I studied painting and architecture in college. I liked the immediacy of the physical act of painting but I also was drawn to the rigid exactitude of architecture with its complicated, interlocking systems and precise mathematics. Learning physics and structural engineering was like learning a new language, and I craved that challenge. I wanted to be a painter and an architect. I wanted to do both, simultaneously.

My work is still driven by similar juxtapositions – the physical and the temporal, the epic and personal, the past and present. My work (and life) is an attempt to find poetry and meaning in these divisions.

Spotlight: Andrew Ondrejcak
  • TUTORIAL: Drawing

    Materials used:

    Large Paper
    Charcoal (Alt: Pencil - soft lead)
    Caran D'Ache crayon (Alt: Crayons or Colored Pens)

  • AUCKLAND | Andrew Ondrejcak

    Directed by Andrew Ondrejcak, the video pays homage to actor and dancer Cyd Charisse, who Ondrejcak was watching in "Silk Stockings" when Lanz sent him the song. He played the song over the film. "They seemed to shared a similar spirit," he says. "One of looseness and ease, of an effortless cool....

  • DIDO'S LAMENT | Andrew Ondrejcak

    For Nowness, a contemporary queer version of the famous aria by Purcell (1680).

    Bebe Huxley
    Love Bailey
    Jason de Puy
    Gabriela Ruiz
    Julio Marcelino

    Executive Producer – Jonathan Ignatius Green
    Producer – Marie van Eersel
    Cinematographer – Andrew Brinkhaus
    Editor – Jacob Jaime

  • Rufus Wainwright | Chapter: Love

    In an original interpretation of Stevie Wonder's song, Rufus Wainwright performs the poetry and grace that goes into giving your heart to someone.

    Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN is... LOVE.

    Starring musical artist Rufus Wainwright
    Dancers John Corso, Malachi Middleton, Ryan Page, Sam Wentz


  • James Franco | Chapter: Forgiveness

    James Franco interprets the moment when you must ask yourself: what do I say when I've done a lot of foolish things?

    Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN is...FORGIVENESS.

    Starring actor/writer/director James Franco.

    Directed by Andrew Ondrejcak.
    Cinematography by Tom Campbell.
    Hair and Make-up b...

  • Shepard Fairey | Chapter: Art

    Shepard Fairey drops by a friend's house... and leaves behind a creative note to say hello.

    Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN Is... ART.

    Starring artist Shepard Fairey

    Directed by Andrew Ondrejcak.
    Cinematography by Tom Campbell.
    Hair and Make-up by Samantha Barrows

    1st Assistant Director Ir...

  • THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES | Andrew Ondrejcak

    Sword of Damocles
    by Rufus Wainwright
    featuring Darren Criss
    wardrobe by Vivienne Westwood
    directed by Andrew Ondrejcak

    courtesy of Andrew Ondrejcak

  • THE THREE GRACES | Andrew Ondrejcak

    The Three Graces
    Directed by Andrew Ondrejcak
    For Out Magazine

    Courtesy of Andrew Ondrejcak

  • OBJET D'ART | Andrew Ondrejcak

    For Nowness, an homage to 16th c Flemish and German still lives

    Produced by Jonathan Ignatius Green
    Cinematography - Eric Ulbrich
    Motion graphics - David Pym
    Prop stylist - Alexys Oliver
    Floral artist - Louesa Roebuck
    Colorist - Jacob Jaime
    Assistant Director - Matt Isgro
    Gaffer - Adam Goral

  • STORY AND THE WRITER | Andrew Ondrejcak

    Story and The Writer
    a film by Andrew Ondrejcak
    voice of Tilda Swinton
    Kyle Abraham
    Eleanor Hullihan
    Georgina Pazcoguin

    Produced by Mandy Ward
    Director of Photography, Rick Rodgers
    Edited by Andrew Ondrejcak with Conor McBride
    Post-Production by Studio RM
    Post Audio by Heard City
    Wardrobe st...