• The Feature is Female - Official Selection

    1 season

    Elysium Bandini Studios presents The Feature is Female, our initiative highlighting diverse perspectives from women in film, including Official Selection films by emerging filmmakers as well as a special Spotlight on two directors.

  • The Dynamiter


    All fourteen-year-old Robbie Hendrick ever wanted was a family. Yet, as another Mississippi Summer begins, his wayward mother has run off again fearing a breakdown, and he's left to burn the days caring for his half brother, Fess. As the deep days and nights pass without her return, and with olde...

  • Forever


    Alice is a young investigative reporter. She suffers a sorrowful loss but finds an enigmatic commune where she starts to find her will to live and love again.

  • Twenty-Two Date Palm Way


    A short film about the last moments of a woman's life: beauty and aging and nostalgia, a swirl of personal memories and fragments of beauty routines as felt and seen in reflections... all leading to the moment of her death.

    Directed by Tamar Levine (
    Produced by Cyberia Media ...

  • It's Okay


    A young couple struggles to break free of the restricted world they've created together.

    Starring Jenna Fischer and Thomas Sadoski
    Directed by Tamar Levine
    Produced by Richard Levine, David McNayr, Tamar Levine

    Screenplay by Jacqueline Austin
    Dialogue by Neil LaBute
    Story by Tamar Levine

  • The Ape


    A young writer, nearing a mental breakdown caused by his family and boss, moves into an apartment occupied by a walking, talking, foul-mouthed ape in a Hawaiian shirt and Converse High Tops.

  • Ms. Match


    Mira, a college student working on her thesis paper, decides to go on Tinder for social media research. She meets a boy named Jack. What they encounter goes far beyond what they expected and imagined.

  • Takanakuy


    A USC undergraduate thesis film. It's an action/comedy that follows Eugene Brown as he enacts the Peruvian tradition of Takanakuy on his family.

  • Through The Fence


    A documentary video collage of cattle ranch life and culture. Features interviews, and footage of ranch landscapes, round-ups, rodeos, castration, and branding. Includes point of view footage from a cow's perspective.

  • Kyle



    Young Kyle learns about death when his pet fish Frank dies suddenly. In attempt to make the most of his time on earth, he attempts to marry, have a baby and find a well paying job by the days end.

  • Bidart Project
    Movie + 1 extra

    Bidart Project

    Movie + 1 extra

    Poet Frank Bidart and James Franco discuss Bidart's poem "Herbert White," a first person serial killer narrative that James Franco adapted into an NYU student short film.

  • I Never Do This

    1 season

    A series by Tamar Levine and Stephanie Lysaght that showcases the myriad hideous, hilarious things about being a woman.

  • POSTMORTEM BLISS | Floria Sigismondi

    Directed by Floria Sigismondi
    Written By Lawrence Rothman based on his book of the same name.

    Postmortem Bliss is a coming of age story of young boy set in the 90's, submitting to a world of prescription drugs while lost in the storm of the tribulations of finding ones future identity.

  • THE PERFECT FIT | Beth Grant

    Directed by Beth Grant

    An almost completely silent film with music, The Perfect Fit is the story of five women who meet by chance in a vintage clothing store, each searching for something important. Full of twists and surprises, their 'perfect fit' turns out to be something qu...

  • Director Spotlight: Katie Davison - Albatross

    A behind the scenes look at the making of the music video ALBATROSS (The Human Experience Remix) by Venus and the Moon. Director, Katie Davison, shares her experience collaborating with the band and Elysium Bandini Studios.

    For more on Katie Davison: