• Tom Franco at The Art of Elysium


    An art salon dinner hosted by The Art of Elysium to showcase the work of San Francisco Bay Area-based multimedia artist and director of the Firehouse Art Collective Tom Franco. Features a discussion of Tom Franco's artistic practice and philosophy, as well as music by the band Venus and the Moon....

  • Tom Franco In Studio and The Firehouse Art Collective


    Visit the studio of Tom Franco and learn about his sculpture process of creating art.

    Includes interviews that discuss community building, space making, and how the Firehouse Art Collective was created in the East Bay Area.

    In Collaboration with Metric Cosmetics.

  • Millie Brown - Wilting Point


    Performance Artist Millie Brown enclosed herself at the Los Angeles Convention Center during LA Art Show 2016. Removed from the outside world for 5 days, she lay in complete silence with only water for survival.

    Surrounded by a carpet of flowers, cut freshly on the opening day of the performan...

  • A Moment in the Sun


    Cole Sternberg's film, a moment in the sun, is a vision of a romantic end of the world, an ending where the beauty of the environment overtakes the harshness of humankind. It is an amber journey and pays homage to Ray Johnson's last performance. Sternberg recreates artist Ray Johnson's last momen...

  • The Art of Elysium's Heaven

    1 season

    HEAVEN is a one-night artistic installation conceptually curated by a chosen Visionary. The Visionary is annually selected based upon their creative contribution to the community. This elegant black tie affair promises an unparalleled creative experience, rooted in the Art of Elysium's mission an...

  • Homocrash



    An experimental video collage of well known films and television series focused on scenes of homophobia juxtaposed with scenes of car crashes, exploring the violence of homophobic discourse in Hollywood cinema.

  • Psycho Nacirema


    A feature length reimagining of all the scenes in Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho between Norman Bates and Marion Crane at the Bates Motel, with James Franco embodying the female role of Marion. Emulates the look and style of the original 1960s film, with a surrealist take on time and dialogue.

  • No Rules In Clay


    Trailer for the documentary "No Rules in Clay," focused on revolutionary practices in the California ceramic art community since the mid 20th century. Directed by Tom Franco and John Toki. Created by Metric Cosmetics, through Firehouse Art Collective in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Clocktower Video Series

    1 season

    a series of art films created by James Franco c. 2010 for the first ever solo exhibition at nonprofit art institution Clocktower Gallery in New York City, curated by founding director of MoMA PS 1, Alanna Heiss. The videos explore themes of narrative, domesticity, violence and sexuality, as well ...

  • Obey In Paris


    After Shepard Fairey’s “Earth Crisis” installation at the Eiffel Tower during the COP21 conference in November of 2015, he returned to Paris for the follow-up art show and murals with Galerie Itinerrance. Fairey created new pieces of environmentally-themed art as well as new versions of older wor...

  • Detroit Plays
    1 season

    Detroit Plays

    1 season

    A series of short films featuring scenes from classic plays staged on locations in Detroit, Michigan.

    Directed by James Franco.
    Stars Nina Ljeti, Vince Jolivette, Abigail Spencer and James Franco.

  • Palo Alto | An Audio Visual Book Series

    1 season

    James Franco and Stacey Miller read stories from his novel Palo Alto, a collection of short stories set in the Northern Californian suburbs in the early 1990s. Each story is paired with a video collage illustrating the story, drawn from many sources.

    Films created by James Franco.
    Stories re...